Ready to fly?

This is the basic question for Freda Washington and Frankie Manning!

An aerial is a dance move in Lindy Hop where one’s feet leave the floor. The term has come to mean a wide range of special and unusual dance moves, including dips, slides, and tricks.

The first Lindy Hop aerial was performed by Frankie Manning in 1935. Frankie Manning and George “Shorty” Snowden competed in weekly dance contests at the Savoy Ballroom. To win again Frankie changed some of the Pre Lindy Hop Moves into something special.

Ready to fly over my back Freda?
Freda flipped over his back and since that time the „Over The Back“ flip is considered the first Lindy aerial.

Aerials are dedicated to you if you are ready to try something exciting.

One important sentence before:
You want to be safe, injure free and dance until you are 95 years old, at least.

It’s time to fly and you and your partner are the captains on board.

Before you start to fly:

REMEMBER: any acrobatic movement is stressful for your body and potentially dangerous. Many dancers, even more experience dancers, injure them self while training for aerials.
Be sure to be physically fit to the kind of aerials we will propose in the training and consult your doctor to be sure you are in the condition to do lifts and jumps.
Be sure also to always train with soft mattresses around and to always have other people around you helping to support you in case something goes wrong.

YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! Frankie Manning like we loved and love him 🙂