Balboa Baby

It’s not just dancing, it’s Balboa, Baby!

Founded in 2012 as a non-profit organization, we organise teaching events, live concerts, a weekly Balboa/Swing dance event (Shuffle Café) and our yearly “big” event; the Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience.














Our heart is not only burning for Balboa, but also for slow dances, specifically the Laminu; an almost forgotten slow Swing dance.

Balboa is a hot Swing dance from the 1930/1940s, set to Swingy Jazz music; full of energy and a lot of passion.

Laminu is an “orphan dance” that is sometimes referred to as slow balboa – with all the elegance and charm of the slow Jazz music of the era.

A point that is very dear to us:  We want to keep our activities affordable. As we do this in our free time, our main aim is to make you happy and successful.

This is why most of our activities are donation-based; it is only for concerts and bigger workshop weekends where we ask for a minimum donation or have a fixed price, so as to finance musicians, teachers etc.

We want the dance to be as free as possible – in every aspect.


Shuffle Cafe every Wednesday from September to June

Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience

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