IG Hop

Formed in 2011, we host a variety of Lindy Hop classes, workshops and events relating to swing dance culture. We also organise various Swing dance-events and concerts.


The IG, or interest group, is a collection of people  who met on the dance floor in Vienna. With a shared passion for Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz Dance, Charleston, Swing and Jazz, we joined forces to create a new space for the Viennese Swing scene to grow and develop.

For us, learning how to dance Lindy Hop means finding a possibility to express rhythm, melody and the mood of swing in creative ways together with a partner through a dance. In partner-dancing, who leads and who follows is up to individual taste.

In our classes, we keep the maximum number of participants small, so that we can give you personal feedback and individual support. Furthermore we are counteracting gender-stereotypes in the dance with our LSF—20% programme and our role switch and open role classes. With our Dancers In Residence Programm (#DIR) we are supporting international dance talents in their artistic development and exchange with our local dance scene.

We also host the podcast From The Top, which is devoted to discussion about the international swing dance culture.

Dancing happens on the dance floor, so it’s our aim to see students out in the wild as soon as possible.

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Monday Mess Around (MoMA) – Fania Live

Fruity Hop  – Volksgarten Pavillon