Jazz Routines (couples and solo)

Jazz steps and solo movement are an important part of the historic roots of Lindy Hop that is often overlooked among new dancers. Whether utilized to show off during an individual “shine” moment, or danced with a partner in a lead and follow manner, jazz steps are great for decorating and embellishing your dancing…like sprinkles on a cake.

There are many reasons to learn jazz steps and routines, including:

  • you can dance them even if you don’t have partner at the moment
  • practicing individual movements helps  improve your balance, coordination and quality of movement which help greatly when partner dancing too
  • learning, experiencing and preserving the historic roots of the dance
  • becoming familiar with common rhythms and syncopation of jazz and swing dancing
  • it can be a good workout
  • they’re fun!

Of the many jazz routines in the history of Lindy Hop, four stand out to me as essential knowledge for every serious Lindy Hopper.

These are the Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll, Tranky Doo and Big Apple.

Where to learn:

 HomePage Some Like It Hot

 HomePage IG Hop

 HomePage Balboa Baby!

 HomePage Julepjazz.com

The Jitterbug Stroll!