Some Like it Hot

We are a Vienna based non-profit club where you can devote yourself to a variety of Swing Dances: from Lindy Hop to Balboa, Shag and Charleston!  Read more




IG Hop

We host a variety of Lindy Hop classes, workshops and events relating to swing dance culture.  Read more




Balboa Baby

Founded in 2012 as a non-profit organization, we organise teaching events, live concerts, a weekly event  and our yearly event; the Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience.  Read more





Julep Jazz

Bringing you high quality Swing and Jazz dance education! Julep Jazz organizes regular weekend workshops all about swing dancing.  Read more





Swing Crew Wien

Every ship needs its crew! And that’s us: a bunch of girls and guys that were infected by the swing fever!  Read more